Thursday, August 17, 2006

Back to school...

Not me (yet) but the kids are back in school. So far, so good. I am starting to get back into a routine again which is just impossible with them home during the summer. As I type, Francesca is down for an afternoon nap and I have done some housework. Bart's parents are stopping in for a quick visit on their way back home - they had to come into "the city" for some doctor's appointments today.

Monday I started going to the gym, Tuesday I did an hour long cardio and weights class and by Tuesday night I HURT. So, I took Wednesday and Thursday off to heal up. Tomorrow I have a free consult with a Personal Trainer to tell me what I need to do to get my squishy butt and thighs into shape.

Bart has been working really hard, not only at his job, but on some freelance stuff as well. He is banking pretty well on that freelance job as they keep adding more and more to his to-do list. The extra money will come in handy but I miss my pirate hubby.

I am meeting with a lady on Friday that needs some part time, flexible hours help with her in-home childcare. If I got that, it would bring in a little extra cash as well.

'Cesca's new word is "Pway" - for play, of course. She thinks I'm taking her to playgroup or the play area at the gym every time I load her up in the car. She can say a lot of words now... including the "Momma" I hear her saying now. She woke up from that little nap. Oh well.

Well, I guess that's about all the update I have for now.

More later...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What I'm NOT Doing...

1. studying
2. writing research papers
3. reading textbooks
4. taking exams

That's because I am sooooooo done with this semester. Will get my official grades on the 14th. It's nice to be relaxing in the evening.

Kiddo updates:

Morgan got a visit from a "friend" yesterday for the first time. She's ooged out for sure but not surprised and I.... well, I'm old.

Francesca got her little chubby sausage leg stuck between the rails on her crib yesterday and I had to grease her down with baby oil and pry apart the wooden bars with my super human mommy strength to get it out. Poor little pumpkin was in hysterics. Nice big bruise there now but she is ok.

Jake starts baseball for the first time. His first practice is on Saturday... at 12:30... for 2 hours... the temps are over 100 here now. I just can't even wait.


4 more days until school starts!!!


Monday, August 07, 2006

Too Much Drama for this Momma...

Things since Thursday have been a whirlwind. Remember the surgery Jake's dad had? It was a good thing that he had those problems with the anesthesia because they admitted him for observation. By the time I saw him on Friday his eyes were rolling back in his head and he was on oxygen and an IV, when I saw him on Saturday, he had no color at all. They finally did a CT scan and showed internal bleeding - they had to give him 6 units of blood - which brought his blood level up to 9 - supposed to be 13 I believe. His doctor made me the contact person as Jake's dad had nodded his consent to that and so I was fielding calls from the doctor, I had to contact his family to tell them what was going on and to tell them to get up here to take care of him because he was scared and alone and completely unable to do anything for himself and ... ummm... that's just not my position with him anymore. So, they finally did arrive on Saturday night. He will probably be released tomorrow if all continues to go well. What a fiasco.

Bart is down to 229 and looks DAMN good, if I do say so myself. Guess it's time to get my size 4/6 but squishy backside back in the gym - gonna need to be strong to walk around behind him swinging a big baseball bat to keep all the girls away. Seriously though, he is looking and feeling great and I'm very proud of him for taking care of himself like this.

I submitted my final research paper tonight for Philosophy. All I have left is my Final Exam that I have to take by Thursday and my first semester back in college will be done! One down, a jillion to go.

Finally.... ONLY 6 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL.... What I won't miss.... "Mom, I'm bored."


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Carb loading and other dubious signs....

Hey folks! It wasn't the studying that was making me consume chocolate. Any guesses? That would also explaing the impulsive french bread purchase and the meals consisting of cinnamon toast. So.... that would make today day number 2 which is always, ALWAYS, the day from hell as far as cramps. Come on menopause - I'm ready to be done with this "friend"... hey another "friend" that (say it with me).... SUCKS.

In other, and certainly more important news, Jake's dad had what was supposed to be outpatient surgery today for kidney stones and ended up not breathing on the table and vomiting while under anesthesia. I think he's alright now, we talked with him, but it was scary for him for sure. They admitted him and are observing him. He told me today that he thinks he is moving to Austin. Much of what he says is going to happen doesn't end up happening so we will see but it raised some questions for sure. He says that "when" he moves he will still come up and get Jake the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends. That's my worry though, that he won't. Would break Jake's heart which, in turn, would break mine.

Francesca was cantankerous today. Consistently. After I got her out of the bathtub tonight I dissolved in tears (see paragraph 1) and Bart took her and put her to bed so I could compose myself before starting in on another late night of studies and exams.

Well, more tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Stuffing envelopes and stuffing face...

This morning I went up to Morgan's school to assemble and stuff 900 orientation packets. That was about 2.5 hours of monotony but I really didn't mind. At least there was some adult conversation. The stuffing face part comes into play right about..... now. I have to get started on my research paper, write another paper on Wittgenstein, and then prepare for my Computer Final. So, of course, I must have chocolate.

On a final note, don't you LOVE it when you are so looking forward to that much needed cup of coffee and you scald your entire mouth with the first sip then rendering the remaining coffee (and chocolate - d*&# it all!) tasteless? Oh, I do so love that. It's almost even better when you do it with pizza.

I'm off to do my due diligence. Send me study vibes.


Reach out and touch someone...

In light of my "people suck" revelation, I am either:

A. Attempting to prove myself wrong


B. Attempting to defend my position.

I have done two things in the past two days to research my position:

1. I posted to a local community board about the difficulties of making new friends as you age, come to find out, there are a lot of people feeling the way I do - so I am arranging a couple of get togethers to see if any of us want to feel that way in the company of each other!

2. Tonight, while in a mandatory chat with my classmates, a lady and I "stayed over" to continue to chat. She has only been in the country since last June and she hasn't made many friends since she is 34 and she doesn't have much in common with the youngsters with whom we go to college. So, I stepped outside of my comfort zone again and proposed we have coffee and she proposed we go walking and we swapped phone numbers.

I'm kind of proud of myself.

In other news, big huge HUGS to my un-sucky friend Stacia. I'm holding you, even in absentia, dear. It's going to be okay soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Wife, Mother, Plumber

Today I accomplished a few things

1. Fixed the toilet - I went and bought the new parts but somehow one part was not going to fit so I did what anyone else would have done.... I got out the hacksaw. I sawed off part of the metal arm and voila! the part fit, the toilet works, the husband is happy.

2. I finished another Philosophy paper - I chose to write about Nietzsche's theory of duality relating to Dionysus and Apollo. I used the book "The Secret History" by Donna Tartt (a must read, by the way) as my example.

3. I made a chicken pot-pie (diatetic, of course) from scratch. Not bad but will someone please tell me how to make chicken that isn't chewy? (Other than in the crockpot - even I can do that!)

4. I got the kids to help clean up a bit and endured the whining that enevitably preluded that miraculous event.

5. I finished off a bottle of Chardonnay. (Relax, there was only a glass left. Okay, a glass and a half. Wait, how much is a 'glass' anyways?)

Is anybody reading this blog anymore? Say "hi" if you're still around.