Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Come on 2nd Trimester

Well, I am officially in my 2nd trimester - the honeymoon period of pregnancy (or so they say). I threw up in a booth at Chili's at lunch on Friday. It was in my hair and not so pretty. Maybe it's the honeymoon period in the sense that after my 1st marriage I had a honeymoon. It was kind of like puking in a booth at Chili's so maybe that's what they mean.

The week before that I puked in my car and since there is a baby sitting on my bladder and since throwing up contracts every molecule in your body, you guessed it, I peed too. IN MY CAR. I was very tempted to take the bag of ick and my skirt soaked in pee and hand them both to my husband with an oath that we would never, ever do this pregnancy thing again. I decided against it, feeling pretty certain that it would only induce more vomiting on his part.

Instead I just told him "never again" without the props. I think he got the point. I got the pee out of my car and the puke out of my hair and am hoping for some end to be in sight for this blech.

Enough for now.


Monday, August 16, 2004

Thank you cranky husband

I wanted to write a thank you to my husband. I have no clue if he even reads my blog anymore. I think he doesn't because he never comments on it. But, that's kind of why I'm writing it here. Not because I think he won't see it, but because if he knows I wrote it without even knowing if he would read it, he'll know I meant it.

For cracking the kids up, making them laugh like I rarely have, thank you. For hundreds of trips to McDonalds, Burger King, Sonic, KFC, Wendy's, and Taco Bell, thank you. For thousands of trips to the kitchen for ice cream, sodas, salt, Tony Cacheres, thank you. For shoving your irritation below the surface for a kid that wants to snuggle on the bed with us, thank you. For mowing the lawn, thank you. For half killing yourself at your damn job, thank you. For picking up the kids and dropping them off, thank you. For being such an excellent teacher to Jake and someone Morgan will talk to, thank you. For being the man that after 4 years together, still makes me melt, thank you. For stopping smoking again, thank you. For taking care of yourself, thank you. For going to school, thank you. For believing in me, thank you. For coming home, thank you. For not giving yourself an out, thank you. For giving me a few bucks when I'm broke, thank you. For being you, thank you, thank you, thank you. For being with me and the kids, thank you a million times over. I could go on and on and on.

You are loved. (Even when you're cranky)


1st day of school 2004

Morgan went into the 5th grade this year and Jake is doing the kindergarten thing again. He was so young going in last year that, even though he was academically ready for the 1st grade, we felt he'd benefit emotionally, etc. by hanging back a year. He doesn't seem to mind too awful much. Hope that remains the case.

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant today and am so big. My belly is round and my breasts are huge but less sore. Twelve weeks is good - it's so amazing. Apparently, my baby has everything it needs now - it just has to get bigger and it's parts have to develop now that they are there.

I hate every name I ever thought I'd like. I agonize over my children's names. Why does this happen to me? I'm really going to try not to think about names again until October when we will know if this is a boy or girl flavored baby.

Oh, by the way, I am now officially OUT of every pair of non-maternity pants I own. Waaaah.

More later...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Night at the ER

Oh what fun. My daughter got tangled up with a 2 year old and a tricycle at her friend's house and ended up with a "too wide and deep for a bandaid" gash on the top of her left foot. So, off to the hospital we went. She was nervous but did really well through the whole ordeal. She ended up with 2 'special' stitches - they have to purposely pucker the skin on the top of the foot because it is tight. Interesting. The wait was about 2.5 hours and $100 and now she gets to skip PE for the first 2 weeks of school. I think she figures that was worth the $100. Well, got to get busy working this morning.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Dunno why...

But I haven't been able to log on to blogspot in order to post in over a week and now, out of the clear blue sky, voila, it works. Oh well, whatever. The last 2 days I have felt almost normal as far as the nausea goes - not too bad. I've replaced that with being unable to comfortably bend over anymore. That's so much fun to admit at only 12 wks of pregnancy. Everyone around me knows I'm pregnant now - well, except for maybe blind people, maybe they don't know. I am officially in all maternity, all the time, clothes. I can't believe how large I am. Stunning.

This week my twin brother and sister turned 16 years old. I'm ancient. I can't believe how the time has gone. Of course my own are 10 and soon to be 6. I really am getting old. We did the whole back to school shopping thing this past weekend. My son's nice new sneakers for school are already mud coated. Grrrrr.

Soon we'll be engulfed in soccer practices, homework, and all that jazz and time will really fly then.

Bart is fine. I think he starts on days in a couple of weeks - thank the good Lord Almighty. I'm so over him being so miserable about his schedule and the failure of the rest of the world to accomodate it. It has been a long, hard road for him but I think it served him well, really. How many people have a whole degree that they earned at work?

Well, lemondrops and cheese nips to all the people I like and sardines to those I don't....