Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the money...

Well, a little bit of it anyways. Today I went to the local resale store and saw a whole shelf full of brand new law and business text books. Some still shrinkwrapped and all 2006 or 2007 editions. So, I picked up 8 of them and thought, "I just paid out the wazoo for MY textbooks so maybe someone will buy these from me." I paid .25 each for them. I came home and listed them on and within 45 minutes, I sold 4 of them for a total of $299. Yep... sweet. So, I went back and bought 8 more. Not a bad deal huh?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Enthusiasm vs. Determination (or "Last Semester vs. This Semester")

Yeah. I'm hating this semester so far. I think it's just because I started too many things at once and now I'm overwhelmed. So this is where the enthusiasm ends (wow, that was short-lived) and the determination kicks in.

I don't have a great track record when it comes to finishing things - it's something I really hate to admit. However, that black mark on my record has made me all the more determined to actually come away with a diploma someday. I will. If I hate it every damn day, I swear, I will. Hate is a strong word. Let's just say that I really, really, really, really don't want to pick up the Art History book. (Which is what I am supposed to be doing now, by the way.)

So, with much determination, I back away from the keyboard. I will write again after I read the next 2 chapters and write my papers.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Anyone have some toothpicks...

with which I can prop open my eyelids? These days the theme of my life is "sheer exhaustion". Bart and I procured a new minivan... oh yes, we have entered the borg for sure. To pay for said minivan I have secured a "little" job where I take the baby with me and help out a couple of ladies with their in home daycare and preschool.

I really like it more than I thought I could and cope better than I thought I could. Good news since I recently changed my major to Education and have thus decided that working with kids will play a large role in my future. So, that being said, in addition to my college classes this semester, one online and one on campus for 2.75 hours on Thursday nights, and my "little" job, I have 16 hours of student teaching to fulfill, this in addition to everything that always has made my life chaotic in the past, none of that has gone away.

Soooooo.... I'm sleepy. Pray for me folks, that's all I can ask. I need it.

Francesca is 18 months old now and is taking to the new "little" job well and doesn't mind the little babies very much at all. Oh, her new funny thing is that she likes this one air freshner commercial and she walks around making sniffing noises and saying "nice", just like the commercial. She is a real character.

Jacob is in baseball practice now, I guess the season starts next week. Morgan is full of vinegar these days and I don't imagine that will be changing anytime soon so I need to figure out how to adapt and overcome on that front. She's looking less and less like a girl and more and more like a young woman and people are starting to notice and I just want to lock her up for the rest of her life. Uggh. God help us all. Literally.

Well, this post required most of my remaining brain juice for the day and now my forehead has a big flashing sign on it that reads "recharge battery immediately or lose all saved work", and so, I think it must be bedtime. So... very... tired...

Night night,