Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big girl

At Francesca's one month checkup last week she weighed 11 lb 13 oz and was 22 in long. She will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and is already so big. I don't recall my first 2 kids being this big until they were 3 months old. It's amazing. She got her HepB immunization and I wanted to hit that nurse. You'd think we could come up with a more humane way of doing things - we've been to the moon but we still have to puncture babies with huge needles. Grrrr.

Her eyes look like they may stay blue - in some lights they look almost purple. She is starting to coo more and smiles more often, mostly at Bart. She is a really good baby- she sleeps very well at night. The rest of us are doing well.

I'll have to grab Bart's notes from Francesca's birth and record the details here but for now I've gotta go.