Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to You...

Hey Stacia... Tomorrow it will be 33 years since you were born and I have known you more than half of your life! Wow! You're really old you know that? Me, I'm just a youngster and won't be 33 for another 10 whole days after you. We are younger today than we ever will be again though.

You are a treasure my dear. I never could have asked for a better friend than you. Boy, you sure have seen me through some stupid times, some hard times, more stupid times, even harder times.... etc. You are a wonderful woman Stacia and I am so proud to know you and to love you and to be loved by you. Happy Birthday to my very best friend, I hope that this year brings you lots of fulfillment and peace.

Love you,

Thursday, February 15, 2007

6 years and counting

February 3rd marked 6 years since Bart and I had our first date. Stacia can tell you what a phenomenal thing that is. Prior to Bart my relationships either lasted 3 months or 3 years. Literally. So, Bart and I have doubled the longest time I ever spent with anyone else. Bart and I have had many trials, some that seemed insurmountable but we came back, plowed through, refused to give up, and determined to make it better and you know what? We really have. Bart is not the same man that I went on that first date with. Neither am I the same woman. We have aged and matured and become more tolerant of one another all the while trying to accomodate the other as best we can. I love Bart. I really do. In addition to all the aforementioned, I have to say, he still lights my fire too. I'm a very, VERY lucky woman.

So today is Valentine's Day, a date which years ago stopped being the anniversary of my first failed marriage in my head. I'm not a failure for having married and divorced the wrong man for me. My marriage was a failure, at the fault of both of us. Anyways, I digress.

The point is this, I've learned with Bart that I CAN be successful as a wife, a damn good wife. I can be with this man and love him ferociously. So I have, and I do, and I will. I look forward to the rest of our life together.

Happy 6 years.