Sunday, March 26, 2006

Never make the time...

I hate how I've let my blog gather dust but I just never seem to make the time. When I don't have a kiddo underfoot, I just have other things I'm doing. Where to begin... the baby has 5 teeth now and her 6th just cut through the gum. She is walking more and more but crawling is still her primary mode of travel. She says bye-bye, hi, boo (for blue), eyes, shoes, wow, yes, and most recently what sounds a lot like no. She points at everything she wants us to name or get for her. Her biggest news is that she sleeps! in her own bed! all night long! without waking up! and she is weaned completely. That means that mommy gets to start Wellbutrin again as soon as she can get insurance. The angels sing. Wellbutrin... good stuff. The hubby and I had been going through a rough spot - lots of screaming, fighting, and name calling (that one was his). I'm hoping it has all passed. Let's see... what else? Oh, I turned 32. Big whoopdeedoo. I'm old. Hate that. But hey, I'm younger than I ever will be again, right? Morgan got the part as lead diva in her school play. Jake will play a rapping weed in his. They are both duly excited and I am excited to see them do it. I am wanting to start school again. I get easily frustrated when trying to find a school that will meet my scheduling constraints and not leave us in the poorhouse to boot. What else? Guess that's about it. Exciting life I lead huh? Well, gotta run. Kid about to be underfoot again.