Monday, June 28, 2004

I'm back from Phoenix...

What a wonderful trip we had! I must say, I didn't expect Phoenix to look the way it did. It has it's own kind of beauty. We stayed at the Desert Ridge Resort which was AMAZING! We stayed in Room 3409 - just so I can remember for when we go back again in some odd years. The resort smelled like flowers everywhere. The room was lovely. They have a lazy river you can float on and pools and all kinds of cool stuff - live music every night, etc. We were so sad to leave but happy to get back to the kids and the 20 degree temp drop from Phoenix to Dallas was a pleasant surprise!

We went to the Grand Canyon - there are no words to describe it accurately. We drove back to Phoenix through Sedona and that was also breathtakingly beautiful even if the road into Sedona from the north was a bit treacherous. I surprised Bart by renting a 2004 mustang convertible while we were there - it was a great car to have in the elevations we were conquering - we were over 8000 feet up!!!!

We had a terrific time and Bart and I only had a couple of brief spats - I barely remember them already. It was by far our best vacation and I loved it all.

Then this morning I went to the doctor and she confirmed my pregnancy and was quite surprised by our fertility! I go in in another 2 weeks for a sonogram - yippee. I think she would like to make sure it's just one and see if everything is "so far, so good".

I'm excited!

Bye for now...

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Phoenix here I come...

I'm so excited about leaving on a jet plane tomorrow. Woohoo. I'm really looking forward to floating on that lazy river at the resort we're staying at. I'm also really looking forward to seeing Bart walk across that stage. He's worked so hard for this. 5 days off of work. Yippee!!

Morgan is at camp this week in Oklahoma and I miss her so very much. Hope they're taking good care of her!

Monday, June 21, 2004


I feel pregnant for real now. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time accepting that this is truly happening. I keep having to prove it to myself a million times. Since all the other tests I had taken (6) had been early detection tests, I was anxious to take a "real" test - meaning the kind that you wait til you miss your period and take. I bought a digital test and sure enough it said "pregnant" - literally says the word. I guess it could not be any clearer than that! I'm so thrilled. I really am. Bart is being wonderful. He bought me a pregnancy magazine and is being sweet.

I only have a 2 day work week this week. Yeah! Bart is graduating in Phoenix and we're going to take some extra days to enjoy ourselves. Do you think that this is a big enough month for him?

Time to work...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Yesterday was very momentous...

I couldn't take it anymore. I went home and grapped a hpt and tested. It came up positive so fast that I thought there might be something wrong with it. Bart went to the store and picked up some First Response Early tests. The 2nd line was there too!!!
I'm happy. Bart's reaction was not exactly as I'd pictured in my head. I was thinking he'd grab me and hug me and smile from ear to ear and maybe cry a little bit. Nope. He was just shocked. Just dead pan shocked. I guess you never can tell how someone will react. Oh well. Maybe his reaction at birth will be like I imagine. Maybe. I know he is happy but stunned. I think even though we were actively trying he didn't think it would happen. Silly Bart. He's warming up to the idea. He was very smiley this morning and not in that weird "i better smile or she'll think I'm not happy" kind of way either. So, he's coming around. I love him. I love all of my babies - including this bitsy little one.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hey Camille

Camille, I love you sweety. You are going to have my little pirate baby.



I've resigned myself to thinking that I'm just not pregnant this month. Ok, I'm a liar. I'm TRYING to resign myself into thinking I'm not. That my boobs hurt often before my period. That I've always been able to smell little things. That many of those things would make anyone sick. That my belly ballooning the way it has is a result of pizza, strawberry trifle, chicken fajitas and cheese burgers. That the pain in my pelvic area is gas from the aforementioned pizza, strawberry trifle, chicken fajitas, and cheese burgers. That my instinctive, sudden aversion to picking up heavy things is just my head playing games with me. That my shortness of breath has more to do with 92% humidity and 100 degree heat than being pregged.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Monday, June 14, 2004

Not Pregnant Party...

That's what Bart came up with. We're going to celebrate if I'm not pregnant. We'll have margaritas and live it up. Then we'll try again come O time.

I'm 10 dpo today. Negative hpt yesterday. Duh! Why do I do that to myself. What are the odds - 1 in 20 that it would have showed up positive even if I was pg?

So, I've determined my consolation prize - highlighting the hair, drinking margaritas and going to the tanning bed. All things that can't be done if I'm pg.

Not that those things come close to a little baby but hey, it's something to look forward to anyway.

It's another Monday and I need to get busy...


Saturday, June 12, 2004

Slow Saturday

Don't feel anything but normal today and that makes me upset. I broke down and bought 4 cool maternity shirts today at a consignment store. Somehow it satiated some longing inside me. I just keep thinking that even if it doesn't happen this month it is bound to happen soon.

Other than that all I have done today is sit on my butt and eat pizza. Productive and healthy to boot. Oh well, it's Saturday so screw it.

Only 11 days until we leave for Phoenix. I can't wait. I need a vacation so badly.

Bart and I discussed names some more. Today we're liking Isaac and Delaney. Sure that will change 100 more times before we even find out we're pregnant (or not).

Sleepy saturday happy thoughts to all...

Friday, June 11, 2004


Millions of women everywhere get pregnant. The majority of them have no symptoms until 6 weeks in. Regardless, this morning I'm sad because I'm 7 dpo with no definitive symptoms and I'm wondering if it's going to happen for us this month. I guess time will tell.

So, how about another subject...

anything, anything?

Okay, so I'm open to topics. Post a comment for me if you think of something that would keep my head busy on something other than babies. Keep it clean though.


Thursday, June 10, 2004


Okay, today I went to lunch with Eileen, Michele, and Kristen. We went to the pasta bar. Someone ordered sausage in their pasta and I nearly vomited at the smell when that sausage hit the skillet. Then Kristen had spinach tortellini. I looked at that green tortellini and again, wanted to puke. Hmmmm.... Maybe that sausage would have made me sick anyway... Eileen did say it smelled disgusting. Still.... kind of suspicious.



If you have ever been on those "Trying to Conceive" message boards you understand the Title of this blog. 6 DPO - Six days post ovulation. I try not to read too much into every little thing but I am failing miserably at that. For instance - I keep having cramping in my pelvic region. Strange for me. I was dizzy for 2 days. I've been very tired and have lots of cm. If you don't know what cm is then guess what? You don't want to. I told Bart that I'm trying to convince myself that I am not pg so that I won't be so disappointed if that is the outcome. I'm not a very patient person. The bottom line is I want it now - this month, the first try. Hey, it happens, right? But I've read so much about people that try for 8-9 months - even longer. I guess that my motto should be "if at first you don't succeed - try, try again."

Bart told me last night he was planning to quit smoking - that he doesn't need it and it scares him anyway. Proud of him.

I was snappy with Bart this morning because I was running late. Sorry, Bart. I love you with all of my heart. Also, sorry about leaving my equipment lying all up on the bed this morning, like I said, I woke up late.

Well, I guess I'd better work some more now...


Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I didn't mention it before. Stacy, she's the friend everyone wishes they had, she came in from Wisconsin this past week. She looked great. It's always great to see her and so hard to say goodbye to her when she leaves. Wish I could keep her. She kept me sane at my daughter's b-day party.

Got my haircut this weekend. Already thinking of good pregnant lady haircuts. Why does everything have to do with a baby? Found some cute maternity clothes websites:

I read on all about the first trimester of pregnancy. Geez, I'm actually getting on my own nerves with all this prego talk. It's pretty idiotic to get so submerged in this without even knowing if I am or not. Sigh.

I'm going to kick my own butt and get back to work now.


Soooooo Tired

Wish I could say that all this sudden fatigue must certainly mean I'm pregnant, but actually, I'm tired a lot, so this may not be any different than the normal, old tired. Yesterday I struggled all day to keep my eyes open at my desk. Today seems like it will be the same way. By the time I got home yesterday I was a very crabby tired lady. Bart was so sweet to me. (Thank you Bart.) I couldn't even stay awake until he left, I just slept and slept. Bart and I are going to Phoenix later this month. He is getting his bachelor's degree and we're going to enjoy ourselves a bit in celebration. I'm so excited to go - I REALLY want to see the Grand Canyon with Bart. Well, it's about that time - better get some work done.


Monday, June 07, 2004


I just wrote a nice long post and erased it. So now you get the pleasure of reading a quick condensed version.

Bart and I commenced to attempt babymaking this weekend as I was in "primetime". We want this so badly. Bart told me last night that his grandma on his dad's side had twins. Doesn't that skip a generation??? Anyway, we are now in the agonizing "TWW", two-week wait. Appropriately enough, the day I'll know with absolute certainty is June 20th - Father's Day. Would be a nice present, huh?

Had a good weekend, saw a stupid movie, enjoyed relaxing with my Bart. My daughter turned 10 last week. We had her party at Build a Bear - where you assemble a stuffed animal and dress it, etc. I wanted to make one. I'm going to too, just as soon as I find out that I am pregged, I'll make one for the little guy/girl.

I'm trying not to be too optimistic but, as you can see, I can't really help it.

Well, hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

Day 1

Bart and Camille are our psuedonyms. He is my pirate and I am his virginal captive maiden - or something like that. Anyway, Bart and I are trying to have a baby. The whole thing is very ironic since I swore "no more" and we both thought we couldn't have one. So, now I'm peeing on sticks (not real sticks - the ovulation predictor kind) like a woman posessed and we're talking about making the upstairs loft a bedroom. Now I can think of little else.

We have 2 kids already. They are mine from my pre-Bart days but he claims them as his own. They are wonderful, brilliant, and as near to perfect as I would care for them to be. Part of my ongoing saga is my tumultuous dealings with the exiis. (I like that word-just made it up) I'm sure there will be more about that later.

For now, I'm inbetwixt (like that one?) reading every site ever created on how to get pregnant. I did it twice before - sure didn't seem hard then. Didn't even plan 'em. Now I'm stressing and just hoping I can figure out how to do this.

You'd think it was rocket science or something. Good gosh - guess I should just take the Nike motto and "just do it". I think the fear is this - when you want something it's always harder to get.

Same basic premise as shopping. When you have money, you find nothing to buy and when you're broke, you need and want everything in sight.

Enough for now.