Friday, January 16, 2009

In spite of a bad haircut....

Alright. It's January. (Deep cleansing breath.)

I rejoined WW. Apparently, I got a little carried away the last part of 2008. I'm not even going to beat myself up about that. I needed something for God's sake. But, now it's time to kick my ass again. I fully intend to look fabulous by my 35th birthday. (In spite of the bad bad haircut I got a few weeks back which required fixing, which in turn means I have a lot less hair than I'd like.) So, yes, the goal is lookin' good by 35.

Also, I'm stepping out in faith here by saying the next thing. I really need to be able to say this and not have everything yanked out from under me as a result....

I'm happy. Shhhhhh....

I'm feeling pretty darn good. The house is clean (my house is ALWAYS an outward reflection of my inner state so messy house = miserable me). Bart is doing well; both in terms of his sobriety and his therapy. I've found some dear friends who were lost to me over the decades. I'm not doing something I hate. I'm making myself do things I've always intended to do but never did. I'm feeling....happy. So, universe, I expect that this should keep going this way. I don't want any hairpin turns from you. Understood?

In a new state,

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Two thousand and nine

I have decided to emerge from the cave. If you know me, you know what "cave mode" is. Anyways, I'm alive and I'm ready to stretch my legs and walk around a bit.

I read a quote, a not-so-very-profound quote. It read, "we are but the sum of our choices". True.

Anyone that really knows me, in addition to knowing what "cave mode" is, knows a few things about me:

1. I have things I want to do
2. If I think I may not succeed it is likely that I haven't tried to do them yet

Well, that's what I'm hoping to change, at least in some respects, this year.

As a matter of fact...

I, gulp, sent off a few stories to some kids magazines. Actually mailed them.

I expect to hear nothing. When I go a couple of more weeks and still hear nothing, I will send off some more.

Once I finally get some things published in the magazine, I will think about an actual book.

Once upon a time, no one knew who Dr. Seuss was. Not that I am thinking that far ahead, it's just true.

Thanks for letting me hibernate for a while. But thanks for letting me know that you cared. I care back.

And hey, I am so proud of you. Really.

I'll keep you "posted".