Friday, October 26, 2007

Mercy, Uncle, WTF already....

My son has f-ing chicken pox. My son who was vaccinated in 1999 against chicken pox has. chicken. pox.


Anyways, someone send me a straight jacket via airmail.


Six years

I let my six year wedding anniversary pass without a post. It was on the 14th. The past year has been challenging in a whole new way. With Francesca being almost 3, well, we just have not had a lot of time to do couple things. Before my pregnancy, we had every other weekend to ourselves. It was great. Wish we had enjoyed it even more than we did. Then after I had Francesca it was all new and exciting, we were constantly entertained by her. So what if we weren't doing exciting things, we had our own excitement right here at home. As time went by, well it was a little less enthralling but hey, it was cool. Not a real big deal. This past year has been brutal. We are so completely burned out. Kids are great, love them so very much. But Lord, we need a break in a big way. Oh, for a weekend to ourselves. Anyways, Bart, let me tell you, I never thought someone could hold my interest for six years. But you, my dear, you are never, EVER boring. I love you baby. Happy six years. Here's to at least 67 more. Some day it will be just us every weekend and what will we do then?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Creative uses of webcam:

1. See if you need a haircut.
2. Act like an idiot.
3. Post pics on your blog to show your best friend that you haven't changed at all in the 20 years she has known you.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Coins, Ambulances, & Surgeons (or "What I did Friday Night")

It was 8:45 pm. I was walking from the kitchen to the bedroom and saw Francesca cough - just a small cough. She looked up and had tears in her eyes. I asked her if she was okay. She said, and I quote, "I ate money". Well folks, that left little to the imagination. I got out the jar of coins and asked her to show me which money she ate. She pointed to the quarter. So, Bart and I proceeded to the local ER with our 2 year old collector. She was x-rayed and when the doctor asked us to go down the hall to view the x-ray we were about 20 ft. away when we caught sight of that coin stuck in our daughter's esophagus. It wasn't hard to spot. Well, it happened to be turned in the exact "right" position so as to not block her airway. They had to transport her to Children's Medical Center in an ambulance. We got her there about 12:30 am. They x-rayed her again, still stuck. The surgeon had told us before he took her back that he thought it was a penny in there, I told him we thought it was a quarter. His response was, "Ah, you never get back as much as you think you're going to get." Ha! Although I couldn't fully appreciate the humor at the moment. At 3:00am they took her in for surgery. At 3:45am she was done. It was a dime folks. I'm keeping it for posterity's sake. At 4:00am she was in recovery and mad as the dickens with IV tubes sticking out everywhere. At 4:45am we were on our way home after a very, very long night. Francesca had a sore throat and swollen lips the next day and today, she is doing fine except she is still very hoarse. So, how much do you think that dime will end up costing us? I don't want to think about it. Of course, we are ever so grateful that our baby is fine. It was a long, scary night.